Roof Edge Anchor



Designed for single user only.

Allows multi-depth adjustment to suit varying roof cladding profiles.

Can be fitted on steel cladding type roofs.

Light in weight but robust, collapsible & portable for easy transport, storage and usage.

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270.60 €

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Having energy absorbing arm with fall indicator, it provides additional safety to the user while working.

Material: High Strength Aluminum Alloy.

Weight: 3 kg.

Minimum Breaking (System) Strength: 15 kN.

Compliance : EN 795:2012 Type B.


The roof edge anchor is a temporary and portable anchorage point. It is strong, light and easy to transport. It’s designed to be used by a single user. It must be installed on steel box profile type roofs with a maximum profile height of 29 mm. It must not be installed on standing seam roofing. It must to be installed on a roof which can support static loads applied in the direction of use of at least 12 kN at the anchor’s eye. For enhanced safety, the arm of the anchorage point is fitted with a shock absorber with a fall indicator.

The roof edge anchorage point MUST be installed on one side of the roof. The work zone MUST be located on the opposite side of the roof to the anchorage point in relation to the ridge. Ensure that the work zone is at a MAXIMUM ANGLE OF 30° in relation the axis of the arm of the anchorage point. NEVER use if there is snow or ice on the roof.


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