Hangman Frame without Weights



The RJ200 Jib System is designed as a mobile anchor point to allow fall arrest access onto vehicles and containers for the loading and unloading of materials and/or general inspection and repair purposes. This Flexi modular jib system is certified to EN795

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The RJ200 also allows personnel work on top of a 20ft container (single RJ200) or a 40ft container (double RJ200). 

The system stands approximately 6.25mtrs in height from the ground to the anchor point allowing the operative to work up to 5mtrs in height from ground level

A working radius of up to 3mtrs is provided from a single RJ200

The RJ200 is supplied with shutter boards for the weight frame to allow third-party ballast/aggregate to be used as the counterweight.  Refer to installation instructions for details

Can be supplied with 3x 1000kg Concrete Slab Weights (additional costs will apply)

This device can only be used to protect a single worker

Conforms to EN795 Type B


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