Snake Brace Anchorage EN795


Anchor point for through holes, designed to function as a link between the structure and the fall arrest, work positioning, rope access or rescue systems.

  • intended for through holes whose minimum and maximum diameter corresponds to the type of Snake Brace in relation to the actual thickness of the current structure

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  • the opening need not be entirely regular but the minimum diameter must be flat; there must be a minimum space for installation behind the hole
  • intended for a single user
  • the maximum strength can be used only if the structure in which the anchor hole is located can withstand the load in all directions
  • the minimum strength of the construction should be designed according to EN 795 (if not in accordance with EN 795, the load bearing capacity may be reduced)
  • Snake Brace can be loaded in any direction only if also allowed by the construction in which is anchored
  • can be used only with compatible connectors with locking mechanisms according to EN 362




      S   300   300 mm W2018Y030
      S   600   600 mm W2018A060
      S   900   900 mm W2018R090
      S 1200

    1200 mm

      M   300   300 mm W2019Y030
      M   600   600 mm W2019A060
      M   900   900 mm W2019R090
      M 1200 
    1200 mm


Weight: S 300 - 162 g (5.71 oz); M 300 - 395 g (13.93 oz)
Material: S - dyneema, alloy, steel; M - PAD, alloy, steel
Strength: 18 kN
Length: 30, 60, 90, 120 cm

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