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This  HandZup® work positioning lanyard is a unique , patented work positioning system that leaves the hands free to work in complete safety.

Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use, ensuring adjustment is fast, accurate and flexible for total comfort and safety while working at height. 

Complies with EN358

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Miller HandZup® work positioning lanyard 2M with a twist lock karabiner and SNAP HOOK and protective sheath

Certified to EN358

Full range of replacement parts available.


Specially designed for improved handling and greater comfort during work. Suited for both right and left-handers due to its symmetrical shape. 
Just a few seconds are sufficient to accurately adjust the lanyard to the perfect work positioning point. The unique design of its curved cam means the tensioner slides along the rope smoothly and in a controlled fashion. 
An economical system 
It is  possible for the user to replace the rope quickly and simply, in complete safety (on the condition they have been trained in the use of PPE). It is therefore no longer necessary to change the entire system when only the rope is worn. 
Rope that lasts double the length of time: intensive tests against abrasion (5,000 cycles, or the equivalent of one year’s daily use) showed our new polyamide braided rope is twice as resistant compared to ordinary rope. 
A removable textile sheath is available to further protect the rope against rubbing on harsh surfaces. 

Brandon Agencies stock a wide range of work poisition lanyards if you cannot find an item on this website call 0404 20500 with your enquiry.


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Work Positioning Lanyard in action.